Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology has developed tremendously over the last few years, and contact lenses now offer a comfortable and hassle-free alternative to wearing glasses. Contact lenses are now available in the same format as spectacle lenses, i.e. single vision, bifocal and multi-focal options. They are very easy to adjust to and with modern solutions keeping them clean is simple.

At Jenks-Burgess Opticians, we offer a wide range of soft daily, monthly and extended wear contact lenses that will suit most requirements. Gas permeable lenses are also available. Your Optometrist will discuss the options available to you and recommend a type of contact lens most suited to your eyes needs. A free contact lens trial is available to all patients who wish to try soft disposable contact lenses, subject to patient suitability. This includes training on how to successfully handle your lenses as well as how to keep them clean. You will then be provided with appropriate contact lenses to take away and try in your everyday life. A follow up health check is required and this is also included in the trail . Following the successful fitting of your contact lenses, a full after-care program will be provided.